Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photography has been a part of real estate marketing for a long time; however, these views have traditionally been captured from helicopters and small airplanes.  The cost to have that aerial service was and still is very expensive and typically was utilized the most expensive listings. Drones have significantly reduced the cost of aerial photography and have so many advantages.  Aerial Photography via Drones captures amazing images from unique positions and from heights ranging from the ground up; outdated methods including manned aircraft cannot match this.

Safety is another major reason to choose Aerial Photography; our team at Aerial Options Photography. LLC. is comprised of longtime remote control pilots with many hours of experience; this is important when GPS signal is lost and you must be able to control the drone without firmware assistance.  Aerial Options Photography, LLC. staffs FAA Part 107 certified remote pilots and are insured for your peace of mind.

Drones can take fantastic aerial pictures and videos of properties and the areas surrounding them. Media provided by Aerial Options Photography, LLC. can make powerful marketing content, as it gives potential clients or tenants the ability to easily learn about a location in an exciting and appealing format. There’s nothing like an aerial view to really show its beauty and value.

Finding and signing a new commercial lease is typically a long and prohibitive process. The process can take at least 6 months for small companies and up to 3 years for larger businesses. Removing any amount of time from that period speeds progress toward relocation and increased growth; so businesses will appreciate the efficiency that drones bring to the leasing process.

 Aerial Options Photography, LLC. is available at your convenience to assist with your project; contact us anytime any day of the week!  FREE QUOTES available with pricing to fit your project budget.